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My name is Ahsan (æ-sun). 

I'm a ux designer, and I also design user interfaces. 

This is my website; here's my cv, linkedin and instagram.

Have a look around, and if you have any questions, do reach out. Thank you for stopping by."


about me

Some quick (fun?) facts:​

  • I did my undergraduate in Marketing, and master’s in International Employment Relations & HRM

  • I'm one certification short of becoming a licensed psychotherapist 

  • I co-founded a non-profit in 2015 

  • Before switching careers, I worked in the Steel industry for over five years

  • I'm a self-taught artist, and I try to post online as often as I can


Looking back now, in my career, there has inadvertently been a trade-off of sorts. Working in the marketing sector, I had little opportunity to interact and engage with people like I did as the HR Manager, but the HR role did not demand as much creativity. As a Junior Business Strategist, I got the opportunity to engage, but not indulge, in these activities as much as I wanted to.


When I stumbled into the amazing world of ux and ui, everything fell into place. I had management experience to break complex problems into simple solutions. I had self-taught experience in visual arts, especially sketching. Combine the two, add a knack for understanding (or trying to!) how the human mind works, and an opportunity to create products that gives its users one less thing to worry about; win-win-win-win. And this is why I made the switch to a career as a ux designer, so I can combine my passions for creativity and problem-solving, underlined with empathy and collaborative work. 

Right now I'm learning voice user interface design and building a mock project for Alexa.

If you'd like to get in touch, just drop me a line at

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