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I'm interested in designing meaningful experiences and interactions with technology.

From 2011-18, I worked at a steel manufacturing plant. 

I made the career switch because working in Marketing, I had little opportunity to interact and engage with people. As the HR Manager, there wasn't much need or demand for creativity. Towards the end, as a Junior Business Strategist, I was able to combine both – room for creativity, and problem solving as a team – but not as much as I wanted from my career.

Nonetheless, that 5+ years worth of experience definitely helps me in critically analysing complex problems and turning them into simple solutions.

I'm a self-taught designer. My main area of work is web design and mobile apps. And I'm always looking to add to my skillset – right now I'm doing my Master's in Visual and Experience Design from UE Berlin.

In designing meaningful experiences and interactions with technology, I

Make sure to do my research; client needs, their business model, scope of the project, design and industry trends 

Don't just trust myself; multiple iterations, user testing, incorporating feedback - inform my design decisions 

Try to keep it simple; as simple and intuitive as possible


To get in touch, message me on linkedin or email me at

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