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My name is Ahsan, budding ux designer with an affinity to make things look pretty. Up until late last year, I’d often think about the connecting thread underlying my (seemingly) unrelated interests:


  • I did my undergraduate in Marketing, and master’s in Employment Relations and HR

  • I’m nearing the end of my year-long course in humanistic counselling and psychology

  • I co-founded a non-profit with some friends in 2015 

  • And, plot twist, I've worked in a textbook capitalist setting - a steel manufacturing company - for five plus years


In my career, there has inadvertently been a trade-off of sorts. Working in the marketing sector, I had little opportunity to interact and engage with people like I did as the HR Manager, but the HR role did not demand as much creativity. As a Junior Business Strategist, I got the opportunity to engage, but not indulge, in these activities as much as I wanted to.


When I stumbled into the amazing world of ux and ui, everything fell into place. I had management experience to break complex problems into simple solutions. I had self-taught experience in visual arts, especially sketching. Combine the two, add a knack for understanding (or trying to!) how the human mind works, and an opportunity to create products that gives its users one less thing to worry about; win-win-win-win. And this is why I’ve recently made the switch to a career as a ux designer, so I can combine my passions for creativity and problem-solving, underlined with empathy and collaborative work.  


Outside of work, I’m a bonafide pop culture nerd. I’m also either reading something Adam Nevill or Stephen King-ish, eating sushi and/or dessert, or watching reruns of tv shows and movies. These days I’m trying to learn how to play the keyboard off YouTube. One thing I’d like to do more of is travel. And go to the gym. 


I'm currently looking for job opportunities in Berlin, especially in a startup. If you feel like getting in touch or learning more about what I do, just drop me a line. 


Thanks for stopping by.

LinkedIn: UX Designer and Business Strategist with a comprehensive understanding of the impact of design on business results.

Ahsan Iftikhar |      2018

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