Ahsan Iftikhar

UX/UI Designer


Hi! My name is Ahsan (æ-sun). Here's some quick (fun?) facts about me:

  • I did my undergraduate in Marketing, and masters in International Employment Relations & HRM

  • I'm one certification short of becoming a licensed psychotherapist 

  • I co-founded a non-profit with some friends in 2015 

  • Before switching careers, I worked in the steel manufacturing industry for over five years

  • I'm a self-taught artist, and I try to post online as often as I can

Looking back now, in my career, there has inadvertently been a trade-off of sorts. Working in the marketing sector, I had little opportunity to interact and engage with people like I did as the HR Manager, but the [...] 

My Work


Ahsan Iftikhar |      2018

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